About Us – Two Parts
Beer. Wine. Spirits. Food. Goods. Makers. Movers. And of course, Shakers. The Two Parts mission is to create community through discovery, consumption, and discussion of local experiences, craft products, and to cheer those behind it all. Our full story and mugshots below.

Many moons ago, an unlikely duo joined forces to create a company centered on community and unique experiences. We set off to accomplish this through events. The right event has the ability to bring people together and leave attendees with a shared experience. With over 100 events under our belt (and too many beverages to count in the belly), we’ve grown our team and our experiences, all while maintaining that same community vibe and experience based events. Our company has also branched out to offer services to others and a resource of happenings to our followers.


Casey Berry
One Part Founder
One Part Space Cadet

Keanan Stoner
One Part Creative Director
One Part Après Advocate

Lauren Rapp
One Part Sr. Project Director
One Part Culinary Affcianado

Yonny Beckers
One Part Sales Director
One Part Zen-Master

Lulu Clair
One Part Events Director
One Part Vibe Conductor

Justin Schaffer
One Part Program Manager
One Part Game Maker

Jordan Nickerson
One Part Events Manager
One Part Milky.Wav

Sophie Franczyk
One Part Sr. Production Manager
One Part Outgoing Optimist

Kaylee Dopkins
One Part Content Manager
One Part Foot in Mouth

We are always looking for new ways to grow, learn, and play.

If what you see entices you, feel free to drop us a line.

Say hello at hello@twoparts.com