Angelshare – Two Parts




What inspired the name?

An Angel’s share is a trade moniker for the amount of a distilled spirit’s volume shared with the angels through evaporation while aging. We consider the community of spirits and cocktail enthusiasts our angels, and the opportunity to share the experience, our Angelshare.

Who was behind Angelshare?

Angelshare was a creative development between Industry Denver and the Denver Passport (Imbibe + Denver Off the Wagon). This winter program was crafted to be a highly interactive experience built to engage the community of spirits and cocktail enthusiasts and professionals. The program relied on 6 craft distilleries and 6 restaurants or bars.

How did it work?

There was 6 two-week installments of the Angelshare program. Every two weeks, a different restaurant and distillery were paired. More than just a rotation of pairings, each two-week installment featured a different theme!

What charity did it benefit?

A dollar of each of cocktail or flight was donated directly to Heroes Like Us!


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